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Audio editing

When you think of audio editing, what exactly do you come up with? Most often, when we think of editing, we often don’t think of music or audio. In fact, it’s more common to think of writing in relation to editing in many cases. In reality, audio editing is a lot like editing a written document. Things are deleted, replaced, cut, copied, and pasted just like they would be in an essay or a novel. Only, instead of manipulating words, you are manipulating sounds. So, the answer to the question, “What is audio editing?” is that it is a way to edit, shorten, or otherwise shift a piece of music or spoken audio to make it ideal for either listening or viewing pleasure.

New technology

With the advent of new technologies in audio editing, editing over the years has become more accurate and easier. Software and hardware programs are designed specifically to help editors piece together music or audio pieces. These programs are generally referred to as digital audio workstations (DAWs). The idea behind audio editing is usually to take a piece of music and slice it and dice it so that it is free of errors and consistent to listen to.
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